Business Associate at Brainware US

Brainware US

Business Associate

Temporary in Aliso Viejo, CA

Startups are some of the most rewarding places to work, but they’re a gamble. You’re gambling on finding a thrilling, innovative place to work that will grow and you can enjoy the perks to getting in early. We are gambling that you have the skills and drive needed to help boost us to that mutual success. It’s the polar opposite of working for a large enterprise where you will be given one segment of one task and expected to repeat that day in and day out.

If you are looking to experience the startup world through SaaS and machine learning, you can find a career here. If have what it takes to create success out of sheer willpower and hard work, there is probably a place here for you. If you like doing a little bit of everything and feel that excelling in a wide array of skill sets is more fun, you’ll definitely fit right in. If founders, entrepreneurs and investors are your kind of people (and you want the benefits of that network), we want to give you the opportunities to meet those people.

Applicant Description

You need to be able to dedicate your efforts to this full-time. Some of those efforts will be in the evenings, early mornings and even weekends. But we try to stay reasonable because we have families too. You like software and problem solving. You are interested and have a working knowledge of all aspects of running your business from sales to programming to marketing. You are a Jack (or Jill) of all trades with the passion for developing your variety of skill sets.

You like software and problem solving. You should be goal-oriented, able to work with minimal supervision, and smart enough to figure out what needs doing and in what order on your own. Fast learning for fast paced environments is necessary. Enthusiasm in the face of stress and deadlines is a must.

Job Description

We are looking for enthusiastic people who can bring a variety of talents to the plate. You will be asked to contribute to just about every aspect of a SaaS or machine learning startup such as business development, market research, social media, marketing and blog content to name a few. Depending on the skill sets you bring to the table and what is required at any given moment, you will be asked to help out with just about every aspect of building a startup. Whether that’s organizing events, taking meeting notes, or sorting out logistics, it all needs to get done. The ideal candidates will dive into every task with an eager drive to make every task a new learning opportunity so we can both grow together.